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Algorithm built by market makers finally available to the retail trader. The only system available to retail traders that tracks market markers, DarkPool, and institutions showing you what decisions they are making in real time.

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  • Trading Community Support
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Flow Algo Index

Discover behind the scenes trades alongside smart money & eliminate speculation and guessing out of the equation

Dark Pool

Get exclusive access to trades made by institutional investors that are normally hidden from retail traders for up to 24 hours.

Alerts on big option blocks with buy and sell orders along with put and call sweeps, all in real time to make smarter trades.

Self Paced Education

Access a comprehensive library of educational videos that accelerates your journey to becoming an independent trader.

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Mentorship Program

Don’t waste months or years and valuable money learning things the hard way. Speak with a professional and find success right away.

  • 1 on 1 strategic sessions with a professional trader
  • Live tandem trading
  • Full psychological and emotional training
  • learn from the best
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Client Testimonials
What Our Customers Say About Us

"In July 2017 I had no idea of how to read a chart, what stock options were, or how to place a trade. I’m grateful for coming across the team at FlowTrade. I now know how to read a chart, find my own set ups to trade and well on my way to financial freedom. Thanks Team..."

- Geno -

"I am so grateful to have discovered FlowTrade after trying various alert channel subscriptions and trading groups. The wealth of knowledge here creates huge advantages, from the coaching, charting strategies, and live voice discussions every session to the game-changing access to algo activity data. I have learned and grown so much in my trading abilities and genuinely believe there is nothing else out there that compares."

- Laura -

"I’ve been trading for almost two years and have had pretty good wins but even bigger losses, when I started using the FlowTrade system I realized that before I was pretty much gambling, now that I’m using this system I can actually know where my trade comes from and where it’s going; I can make constant and consistent profits and I am steps closer to being able to trade full time."

- Oscar -

"Joining FlowTrade has been one of the best decisions I've made. FlowTrade is full of a lot of great people that take time out of their day to help you out. Before I joined FlowTrade, I was consistently losing money. With the help of FlowTrade’s unique strategy along with following the algos chart, I was able to get on the winning side in no time. The trading plan is simple: follow the strategy and trade with the algos. I'm at a point where I cannot place a trade without looking at what the algos are doing. It gives me confidence to either stay in the trade and let the profits run or cut it for a small loss and look to re-enter in with better entry point. FlowTrade has changed my perspective of stock market. If you were to ask me if I'm bullish or bearish on certain stock, I'd says "what does the algos say? Follow the smart money"

- Nisarg -

"Whatever your skill level FLOWTRADE will change the way you look at the markets forever! The ability to use state of the art analytics while learning to trade alongside veteran traders has increased my confidence 10 fold. I highly recommend taking advantage of the free trail to get a preview into the lifestyle of real traders earning a consistent and substantial living trading the equities, futures, and options markets. The FLOWTRADE traders are extremely supportive and provide a one on one approach into seeing you achieve your trading goals. Take a chance on yourself and add a new perspective to your trading by joining the FLOWTRADE community."

- Rayman -

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